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Density Measurement is a requirement for many fabric manufactures, from Twill to Denim manufactures, automotive fabrics and more
EVS developed a unique solution, based on its advanced Micro Camera technology and new algorithms to enable measurement of Density or Picks Per Inch (PPI ) in Fabrics.
The solution iDensity can be integrated with existing installations of IQ-TEX4 systems as well as iBar systems or work as a stand-alone solution.

The measurement of density is presented as a Graph with the tolerance, The central area shows from how many picks to how many picks it is ok and the graph shows the continues measurement of the PPI. Once out of tolerance and Alarm can be activated based on specific rules.

Specification Description
PPI Based on customer requirements
Resolution Less than 0.1 mm per pixel
Electrical Output Alarm dry contact with the possibility to define the way it will Alarm – 4 consecutive out of tolerance
Data All report can be exported to Main computer, Customer Computer in Standard format ( XML)