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Elbit Vision Systems (EVS)

For over two decades EVS has pioneered the science of camera-based automatic vision inspection for textile fabrics and technical webs. The latest breakthrough adds to this legacy the first truly automated,in-line, product and process monitoring solution for fabric formation machines. iBar was designed and built specifically for the worst environments imaginable in this new age, high speed textile industry.

Defect Detection Examples

iBar's creative technology produces clear results regardless of vibration, stops, take-up mechanics,operator presence, or any other obstacle of traditional inspection systems. All defects are detected,categorized, saved and displayed on the operator interface.

Flexible, Compact Installation

Utilizing cutting edge, high resolution micro-cameras mounted into a slim extruded aluminium housing with customizable LED illumination, iBar allows for the earliest defect detection and alarm activation possible. Its versatile installation enables it to be mountedfield of view very near the reed (or needles).

Benefits and Return on Investment

Though the benefits of real-time defects at the source, along with the ability to immediately stop the loom (or knit machine) when necessary, are obvious, iBar can also help create profit and increase efficiency in many addiional ways:

  • Limits running and repetitive defect length
  • Automatically stops machine when necessary
  • Immediately alerts operator to problem
  • Creates quality/defect map for each doff
  • Grades rolls according to customer criteria
  • Provides accurate, statistical quality data
  • Maximizes raw material utilization
  • optimizes labor force
  • Dramatically increases loom efficiency
  • Eliminates off-line greige inspection
  • Eliinates costly add-ons to off-quality
  • Presents accurate inventory quality