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Time For Automation - IQ-TEX 4

IQ-TEX 4 is a fully integrated image acquisition & processing system, built on our proprietary Smart Vision Camera (SVC) platform. This latest EVS innovation utilizes high resolution color line scan technology and enhanced Defect Sorting Algorithms (DSA), to achieve unparalleled defect detection & interpretation.

With the capability to detect defects <0.1 mm in size, at speeds of up to 1,000 meters per minute, the IQ-TEX 4 was designed to provide Vision Empowered Monitoring (VEM), at each stage of manufacturing. From process or defect specifi c applications, to the fi nal inspection of fi nished products, this solution is tailor made to meet each customer’s individual needs. Its narrow profi le and modular frame, allow for seamless integration into virtually any operation.

  • Integrated image acquisition & processing
  • COLOR image processing
  • Full COLOR defect image display
  • High speed detection capabilities
  • Proprietary Defect Sorting Algorithms
  • LED illumination (Visible, IR, UV)
  • Album review workstation
  • Infra red synchronization system
  • Automated label markers
  • OCC – Optimization & Cut Control software
  • SVA - Shade variation analyzer
  • BFA - Broken Filament Analyzer
Enhancing Your Quality:
  • Accurate & consistent detection
  • Real-time process monitoring & alarm
  • Recorded roll maps for documentation
  • Quality trend analysis
Increasing Your Profi tability:
  • Enhanced yield
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased effi ciency
  • Lean manufacturing

The IQ-TEX 4 process flow:

Inspection / Monitoring
  • IQ-TEX 4 Detects web defects Monitors production processes
  • SVA Analyzes shade uniformity
  • Invisible ink marker Applies synchronization marks

Album Review Workstation
  • Data Storage & Backup
  • Defect sorting
  • Cut optimization

Synchronized Marking and Cutting
  • Smart Table Interface guides the operator in synchronized mending, marking & cutting
  • Manage automatic cutting and labeling