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Advanced technologies implemented in the PCB industry demand highest quality and efficiency. Improving both yield and quality of parts and products are essential in this highly technological industry.

EVS brings to the PCB industry the world’s leading technology of Automated Optical Inspection (AOI). Our inspection and monitoring solutions can help PCB manufacturers to achieve products of the highest quality while reducing their production costs.

The Inspection Process

EVS AOI quality inspection systems for PCB materials can be implemented at various stages and processes:

  • Weaving to finish process of the glass fabric production, including:
    • Beam preparation of the warp (vertical) yarn before weaving
    • Sizing: coating the warp yarn with organic material for protection during the weaving process
    • Weaving process, with On Loom Inspection
    • De-sizing, removal of the organic material
    • Finishing process
  • Prepreg - coating the glass fabric with epoxy resin for lamination and isolation
  • Production of copper foil, to be used as the conductive layer in the PCB
  • CCL (Copper Clad Lamination), in addition to the Prepreg and copper foil

Inspection Process Produce

  • Inspect while processing
  • Detect surface defects
  • Detect broken filaments (for the glass fabric)
  • Display in real time defect maps & images
  • Display in real time defects data
  • Display in real time broken filament trends
  • Provide real time warning
  • Review inspection file on the production floor
  • Ship good quality rolls immediately
  • Quarantine defective rolls for Q.A. review

Detectable Defects

  • Detectable Defects on Glass Fabric
  • Dirt Contamination (DOP)
  • Warp Defects
  • Weft Defects
  • Woven in fluff
  • Selvage defects
  • Fuzz (knot)
  • Holes
  • Selvage, Unraveled edge
  • Broken picks
  • Broken Filaments
Defect Map Distribution and Defects Pictures: Broken Filamenta defects distribution Map

Detectable Defects on Prepreg

  • Fish eye
  • Broken fibers
  • Bulges
  • Sparkles
  • Spots Dirt


Detectable Defects on Copper Foil

  • Pinhole
  • Rust spot, Oxidation
  • Pits & Dent
  • Copper bulge
  • Wrinkle, Cresses
  • Scratch

Detectable Defects on CCL (Copper Clad Laminate)

  • Pits & Dents
  • Light depressions
  • Creases, Scratches
  • Spots, Sparkles
  • Copper bulges
  • Oxidations, Oil stains
  • Handling kinks
  • Plate marks

System Benefits

  • Continued fabric quality improvement
  • Substantial savings on inspection
  • Substantial savings on operational expenses
  • Consistent and reliable quality standards
  • Accurate and accessible quality data
  • Reduced customer claims
  • Automatic styles and parameter setting

System Highlights

  • Modular, compact, cost-effective
  • Centralized control over multiple inspection points
  • Inspection of images is performed inside smart cameras; central computer receives only inspection results
  • No special knowledge of image processing is required for system operation or maintenance
  • Operating System is based on Windows XP, with customized application programs
  • Fast Ethernet communication
  • Each camera is equipped with a Local Control Unit, capable of transmitting and receiving standard signals to or from external electronic devices